Another Dumb Lawsuit in the USA

Everyone remembers the million dollar award for the hot coffee from McDonald’s right?  Well here we go again…. A veteran U.S. lawmaker has taken legal action after biting into an olive in a sandwich and hurting his tooth on the pit.

Dennis Kucinich, 64, a representative from Ohio who unsuccessfully sought the Democratic presidential nomination two times, sued food service companies operating in a congressional cafeteria on Capitol Hill.

Andrew Young, a lawyer for the congressman, on Wednesday declined to discuss the lawsuit, copies of which have been widely reported in the media, saying it was private.

The suit, filed early this month, states Kucinich bought a sandwich wrap in the cafeteria at the Longworth Office Building in April 2008 that had an olive without the pit removed.

The “unfit and unwholesome” olive caused the congressman dental damage, requiring multiple procedures and resulting in a “loss of enjoyment,” according to the suit. For that, Kucinich is seeking $150,000.

Compass Group USA Inc, Performance Food Group Co and Foodbuy LLC are named in the lawsuit filed in Washington. Company spokesmen could not be reached immediately for comment.  The funny thing is that he will probably win!