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  1. These are awesome…but I know the trick. Etch-a-sketch artists take off the back, put on the design, then put the back back on. They don’t actually use the knobs….but it’s still really cool

  2. While I have to give Jeff credit for possibly being the first to draw the Taj Mahal on the Etch, to say that he has produced ‘tons of amazing new works of art’ is quite an overstatement. To my knowledge, he hasn’t produced much since then. If you’d like to see some fresh, new Etch A Sketch art (and a lot of it), check out my new site.
    You’ll find amazingly accurate, high detail pieces there, including the Taj Mahal, Mona Lisa, fantasy pieces, animals and even sports figures. Probably something for everybody.

  3. Hey Trinity I think that trick can be used but I remember seeing video of this guy doing his thing, so he is for-real. Not sure about others though.

  4. Trinity,
    Actually, I don’t think ANY of the Etch A Sketch artists ‘fake’ the work they do. You’d be able to tell right away if your an experienced etcher. While it’s true some artists dis-assemble the Etch A Sketch (myself included) the reason for this is to drain the alum powder so the work they do won’t be erased, and to cut the wires so the knobs don’t work anymore. Personally, I think it would be harder for me to try to draw on the back of the glass while it’s coated with the powder then to do it the real way. As far as my work goes, I can provide photos of the work in progress and am working on a video of the entire work being taped.

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