$765 Bottle of Beer and that is not the Strange Part!

You think a bottle of beer for $765 is weird?  Wait till you see how it is packaged!!

most expensive beer

According to Scottish firm BrewDog, “The End of History” is the “strongest (55% alcohol), most expensive and most shocking beer in the world.”

Just 12 bottles were made and the company has already sold out. They will be shipped out to buyers in the United States, Canada, Italy, Denmark, Scotland and England next week.

The dead animals which were used to create the beers’ unusual appearance were four squirrels, seven weasels and a hare. All were roadkill, James Watt, co-founder of BrewDog, said defensively.

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  1. McBob said-
    “It took truly sick and diseased minds to come up with this. Disgusting!”
    Indeed… Disgustingly AWESOME!!!
    I love it and if it weren’t so freakin’ expensive I would own one.

  2. The road kill Down Under is a whole lot bigger than squirrels et al – some enterprising brewery owner could probably fit a whole keg into a dead ‘roo! If a ‘bottled’ weasel is worth $765…

  3. well in missouri we have lots of roadkill! so i guess i will make my own beer and shove it up a deers ass and sell it for $800 bucks………i swear…there are a bunch of dumbasses out there!

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