Teen Gives Her Parents a Scare

OK, her parents were supposedly in on it but still…. a Grade 11 student shocked her classmates after she revealed she had faked a pregnancy for a school project. During a school assembly in Toppenish, Wash., Wednesday, Gaby Rodriguez pulled a fake bulge from under her shirt, to reveal she really wasn’t six-months pregnant, reported […]

Smell Like a Rotting Corpse

It is that time again folks!  Get ready to plug your nose! A giant, rotting-flesh-scented flower was expected to draw 10,000 people to a Swiss garden to watch it bloom for the first time in nearly 20 years. The nearly two-metre Amorphophallus titanum flower opened its giant petals Friday evening at Basel Botanical Gardens in […]

No ID Required to Drink at Olive Garden

As long as you are over one year of age you should be good to go for an alcoholic beverage at the Olive Garden! An Oregon mailman has been suspended for making an unwanted delivery. The postman was captured on camera by a Portland homeowner as he defecated in a yard near some bushes Wednesday […]