Take a Pill and Dance Better

I myself am a little worried about this recent finding because I am a really bad dancer.

A Montreal man is giving hope to bad dancers everywhere.

Researchers at the University of Montreal have discovered that it’s not his fault he can never dance in time to music. His brain is incapable of recognizing rhythm.

“They hypothesize that the young man’s beat deafness arises from disconnects in a widespread brain network involved in musical beat, rhythm and meter,” according to the report in Science News.

But it doesn’t seem to have any real-world downsides, much like the tone-deafness suffered by many.

“We suspect that beat deafness is specific to music and is quite rare,” Jessica Phillips-Silver, one of the lead researchers, told Science News.

The young man, named Matthieu, is obviously a bad dancer, but also finds it difficult to clap in time at a concert. While bouncing to a rhythm, Matthieu was able to imitate others but “floundered” when asked to do it alone.  I am not sure it really give me hope, it kind of makes me think I have a brain disorder!

School Wake Up Call

Now this is no way to have to wake up in the morning!

Chronically tardy and truant students at a Massachusetts high school are getting a rude awakening — a pre-recorded morning wake-up call from their school principal.

The so-called “robo-calls” that began on Wednesday are aimed at rousting about 500 students, the worst-offending sleepyheads, from bed and getting them to school on time.

“It’s 6:15 and it’s Durfee High School calling,” booms the voice of Principal Paul Marshall of B.M.C. Durfee High School in Fall River, according to Vice Principal Ross Thibault.

Robo-calls are typically used to notify parents of weather-related school delays and cancellations.

Durfee joins other U.S. schools in Massachusetts and Illinois and New York which have taken on the added role of alarm clock to combat high rates of tardiness and absenteeism.

In New York City the wake-up calls feature the voice of former professional basketball star Magic Johnson.

At Durfee High School in Fall River, about 46 miles (74 km) south of Boston, 20 percent of the student body will be getting routine phone calls at home at 6:15 a.m. The school day’s first class begins at 7:45 a.m.

Administrators hope the effort will boost attendance from 88 percent now to at least 95 percent.

“Historically, we have battled attendance problems. We are an urban district and our attendance has always been a concern,” Thibault said.

The school resorted to the calls after failing to improve attendance with punishments like detention or enforced study hours at schools, he added.  Wow 500 regularly tardy students, that is pretty bad!

I Love You Cause You Look Like Me?

This is straight out of a Seinfeld episode!

Years ago, New York writer Christina Bloom left her husband for a man who looked a lot like her. Now she’s launching a dating site that will help other people find their own romantic doppelgangers.

“I was married to my first husband and I fell in love with someone else, and I realized I didn’t have the chemistry with my first husband. I never did,” Bloom told QMI Agency from New York City.

She didn’t notice her similarity to her new partner at first, until friends started telling her they looked like brother and sister.

That got Bloom thinking about couples and chemistry, and she started to notice a trend of romantic partners who look alike.

“I became sort of fixated on it,” she said, noting that wherever she went, she would observe couples and see the trend show up again and again. “I believe that people are attracted to people with similar facial features from themselves.”

The site’s software looks at things like face shape and bone structure, she said, adding it won’t distinguish between people with different skin colours.

There are studies that back Bloom’s romantic theories. A 2009 study out of the University of St. Andrews showed women prefer men with similar facial features to their own. In a 2006 University of Liverpool study, participants asked to rate the attractiveness of a series of pictures gave the highest props to people who resembled them.

Nevertheless, Bloom doesn’t think romance is only skin deep.

“I don’t believe once you have this facial-feature match, you’re perfect for each other. I believe you have the necessary ingredients to go further,” she said.

Facial similarity amounts to chemistry, she said, but you still have to have compatibility.

That’s why Findyourfacemate.com will feature four categories. Facial similarity, style — because “A Versace is not going to be interested in a Brooks Brothers” — compatibility and values.

Bloom said for its first six months, the site will be “open for business but not ready for prime time.”  I don’t know but the love of my life looks nothing like me and I am thankful for that!

Stay in a Luxury Hotel for $40?

Not you, ya dumb human.  Your doggie!! Heated pools, massage salons and a-la-carte menus are de rigueur at luxury hotels across the world but in one exclusive Paris establishment the difference is the guests: they have four legs, and enthusiastically wagging tails.

Actuel Dogs bills itself as France’s first luxury hotel for dogs, and founders Devi and Stan Burun, a dog behaviour specialist and lifelong dog-lover, also offer training programmes for unruly hounds and dog walks in the woods.

As well as a dip in the pool, or a massage, guests including Ulysse, a bumptious yellow Labrador sporting a smart red collar, enjoy “doggy jogging,” or simply relax on cushioned couches in their luxury suites.

Their tiled-floor rooms smell fresh and clean and are adorned with framed prints of dogs and equipped with televisions so dogs can watch their choice of dvds.

Owners pay between 26 euros and 35 euros ($36-$48) to leave their lucky hounds for a full day and while the luxury touches appeal to owners, the key difference with traditional kennels is that dogs are not locked up in cages.

“People think we serve the dogs’ food from silver platters but this is not pointless, extravagant luxury,” Devi said, as Clifford, an English bulldog, Cocker Spaniel puppy Floyd, Golden Retriever Cleo and miniature Schnauzer Belle bounded around the hotel’s games room, equipped with a treadmill for training.

Toronto Man Hits Useless Milestone

Ok, from the archives of ‘who really cares’ and ‘buddy get a life’ we have Canada’s “Pub Guy” Bill Perrie who has a dream job that allows him to travel around the country in search of bars to drink his favorite brew.

Perrie, 53, of Stouffville, Ont., located 50 km northeast of Toronto, was nursing a cold one at one of his favorite watering holes in the city, the Firkin on King, on Thursday to mark his 2,500 bar visit.

He was accompanied by friends and fellow beer aficionados who openly profess their love for suds.

“It has been a labour of love,” said Perrie, who has written seven books on Canadian pubs. “The people is what makes a good pub great.”

Perrie, who has an Internet radio show and is a columnist for Pub Magazine, has been traveling the country since 1999 checking out pubs. He has racked up thousands of kilometers in search of “hidden gems.”

“I did not set out to visit as many pubs as I could,” Perrie said. “I am always on a quest to find great local and hidden gems.”

His interest in pubs date back to his days in Scotland, where “bars were like a community center that people attended everyday after work to catch up with friends.”  Firkin general manager Dan Targonsky said Perrie could have gone to any the GTA’s 2,500 pubs to mark his milestone visit.

OK, maybe I am just a tad jealous of this guys job, aren’t you?

Breast Milk Sundaes Not Allowed

Chilled boob milk at the ice cream parlor is being shut down.  The London council has confiscated supplies of breast milk ice cream from a specialist parlour which launched the new flavour in the British capital last week on concerns the frozen treat may spread viruses.

Westminster Council said it had visited the Icecreamists restaurant in London’s Covent Garden and removed all ice cream containing breast milk for testing after being contacted by members of the public and the Food Standards Agency.

“Selling foodstuffs made from another person’s bodily fluids can lead to viruses being passed on and in this case, potentially hepatitis,” Brian Connell, Westminster Council’s cabinet member for business, said on Tuesday.

He added that the owner had agreed to cease making and serving the ice cream while it was being tested.

Matt O’Connor, founder of the restaurant where the “Baby Gaga” ice cream made from breast milk, Madagascan vanilla pods and lemon zest was launched on Friday, dismissed the concerns, saying they were “complete rubbish.”

He said the breast milk — provided by women who responded to an advert on an online mothers’ forum — had undergone the same “scrupulous” screening procedures as the milk, blood and sperm found in donation banks.

“If the ice cream is not safe, then these mothers pose a serious risk to their babies,” he told Reuters on Tuesday.