A Million Ain’t What it Used to Be!

More than four out of ten American millionaires say they do not feel rich. Indeed many would need to have at least $7.5 million in order to feel they were truly rich, according to a Fidelity Investments survey.

Some 42 percent of the more than 1,000 millionaires surveyed by Fidelity said they did not feel wealthy. Respondents had at least $1 million in investable assets, excluding any real estate or retirement accounts.

“Every person in the survey is wealthy,” said Sanjiv Mirchandani, president of National Financial, a unit of Fidelity. “But they are still worried about outliving their assets.”

The average age of respondents was 56 years old with a mean of $3.5 million of investable assets. The threshold for “rich” rose with age.

“They compare themselves to their peer group … and they are also thinking about the long period they will have in retirement and want more assets” to fund their lifestyle, said Michael Durbin, president of Fidelity Institutional Wealth Services.

Still, millionaires are slightly more optimistic now than they were in 2009, when 46 percent did not feel wealthy.

Respondents were also more optimistic about the U.S. economy. While they thought the current U.S. economy remained very weak, they think it will improve by the end of this year.  I would still feel rich with a cool million in the bank!

Chavez Might Be Crazy!

Any on the topic of very strange quotes comes one from Hugo!

“I have always said, heard, that it would not be strange that there had been civilization on Mars, but maybe capitalism arrived there, imperialism arrived and finished off the planet,” Chavez said in speech to mark World Water Day.

Chavez, who also holds capitalism responsible for many of the world’s problems, warned that water supplies on Earth were drying up.

“Careful! Here on planet Earth where hundreds of years ago or less there were great forests, now there are deserts. Where there were rivers, there are deserts,” Chavez said, sipping from a glass of water.  At least he is smart enough to be willing to admit there might be life on other planet?

Dumb Move by Cop in India

This story is pretty stupid so I will just show a few sentences.

A policeman in India was recovering in hospital after he shot himself in a misguided attempt to win a bravery award, media reports said.

He claimed the men sped away in a car after the supposed attack on Sunday night.

Police said all the empty cartridges found at the scene belonged to Rajguru’s gun and that they had also found narcotic drugs in his living quarters.

Wow this guy is pretty dumb!

The Cupcake or Your Life!

Now this woman has a serious sugar addiction!

A woman in South Wales ravaged a bakery upon learning they were out of her favourite cupcakes, according to British media reports.

The shop’s owner, Sally Dodd, 43, told the U.K. Daily Mail the woman threw herself on the floor “ranting and raving” when she found out they were out of the popular “sweet tooth fairy” cupcakes.

“The woman went absolutely ballistic when she was told we didn’t have the cupcake flavour she wanted,” Dodd told the British tabloid. “She didn’t even wait for us to tell her that if she waited we could bake some fresh cupcakes for her.”

The woman reportedly ran around the counter, grabbed Dodd by the hair, and proceeded to smash all the glass display units, causing more than in $600 damage.

“You expect a certain amount of risk running a bar or a pub but not in a cupcake shop,” said Dodd.

Police are hoping video surveillance footage will help them find the culprit.

The Police Thunked She Was Dead

A little more training might be needed for these boys in blue.

Police officers in Guelph, Ont., have been cleared of wrongdoing after they mistakenly pronounced a woman dead in a hotel room.

The “situation was not handled exactly according to current policy,” but there was “no officer misconduct,” police said.

“I am confident we are unlikely to see a recurrence of this nature,” chief Rob Davis said in a release.

On Jan. 11, police were called to a Days Inn in the south end of the city, located 100 km west of Toronto, after staff found what they thought was a dead woman in one of the rooms.

Officers arrived and also determined the woman was dead. They sealed the room and launched a criminal investigation because it appeared “the victim met her demise as a result of foul play.”

“Evidence indicated that everyone that came in contact with the victim during the initial discovery by motel staff, management and later, by more than one responding officer, genuinely believed the victim to be deceased,” police said Friday.

But when forensic investigators arrived on scene, they discovered the woman had very faint vital signs. She was taken to hospital where she was treated for non-life-threatening injures and released.

Police have not said what injuries the woman sustained or how she was injured.

Police policy says, “officers are not qualified to pronounce death unless certain obvious signs exist.”

Police said in this case the officers made their decision “based on their examination of the scene and the victim’s condition.”

The officers involved have been retrained in how to pronounce deaths, police said.

“For those officers involved, it was a definite eye-opening experience,” the police force said, adding the internal investigation is now closed.