Another Dumb Lawsuit in the USA

Everyone remembers the million dollar award for the hot coffee from McDonald’s right?  Well here we go again…. A veteran U.S. lawmaker has taken legal action after biting into an olive in a sandwich and hurting his tooth on the pit. Dennis Kucinich, 64, a representative from Ohio who unsuccessfully sought the Democratic presidential nomination […]

No More Fantasy Role-Playing While in the Dungeon

Nerds behind prison bars take a big hit.  No more fantasy lives for them when a U.S. court of appeal has upheld a ruling that bans Dungeons and Dragons, a popular role-playing game, from a Wisconsin prison. Kevin Singer, an inmate in a Wisconsin’s Waupun Correctional Institution, had been a fan of the fantasy game […]

No Smoking or Off to Jail

Well, both my parents died from Cancer, so I can relate to a country that wants to completely ban cigarette smoking but this Buddhist monk could face five years in prison after becoming the first casualty of a stringent anti-smoking law in the tiny Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan, which vows to become the first smoke-free […]

Gettinga a Tattoo There is Just Wrong

This man might not be well endowed but advertising it in the form of a permanent tattoo might be a little drastic (if you will excuse the pun). A German man didn’t have to hand over a dime for a new car, but he did have to pay in ink. Andreas Mueller won a silver […]

Get Rid of High Tech to Get More Sleep

The desire to watch television every evening before going to sleep, playing video games late into the night or checking emails and text messages before turning off the lights could be interfering with the nation’s sleep habits. “Unfortunately, cell phones and computers, which make our lives more productive and enjoyable, may be abused to the […]

Big Rewards to Catch Smokers

Ratting on neighbours who light up in secret can be lucrative in Sweden, where a landlords’ association said it would offer a nice reward for turning in people who violate a strict smoking ban in a residential building. “I have decided to offer a reward of 5,000 kronor (560 euros, 740 dollars) to our tenants […]