Only in Canada – No Picking (your nose) Law

For those of you not following the news over in the Great White North I will fill you in a little bit.  Last month the ‘distracted driving’ law came into effect, where-as you will not be able to chat away on a cell phone while driving without risk of incurring a fine of up to $500.  It seems one Canadian politician wants to take it one step further!

Jim Bradlley (Ontario’s transportation minister) made this statement Thursday after telling reporters he was proud of the new legislation he helped draft and as they walked away he mentioned his plans to make this law much more encompassing in the near future.  He was quoted as saying; “Sure talking on a cell phone while driving is dangerous but there are many other activities occuring during driving that are just as dangerous if not more-so.”  “For example the other day I was almost side-swiped by a man that was completely distracted while picking his nose, and I don’t mean just a nose scratch – he was in up to his knuckle”.

There has been testing done that has shown that picking your nose while driving is even more dangerous than using a cell phone because of the high occurrences of physical injury while conducting this type of behavior.  I would like to see all types of distractions lead to a hefty fine, my advice for this particular offense would be an $850 fine.

At least one politician finds those comments worrying. “Everyone should realize there is no place this government will not go intruding into private lives,” Conservative MPP Randy Hillier said.  He went on to say, “what is next?  No eating broccoli with dinner due to the possibility of passing of gas into the atmosphere thereby increasing global warming?”

Experts have questioned the effectiveness of distracted driving laws. In other jurisdictions they have not always changed drivers’ habits. After an initial reduction in New York, for example, cellphone use was reportedly back to pre-ban rates within one year.

The insurance industry says the new law is a good first step in making distracted driving socially unacceptable.  In fact Bill Crespen of Walden’s Insurance says, “personally we would like to see all distractions result in large fines, whether it is picking your nose, applying make-up or talking on a cell phone – they can all potentially kill you”.

Weird News or Not Weird News

– A New York City police officer says a scalper arrested for selling fake World Series tickets outside Yankee Stadium tried to convince him to be freed by bribing an officer with seats.  Considering these seats were probably worth $500 a piece I would say he was crafty, not weird.

– A woman in South Korea who tried to pass the written exam for a driver’s license with near-daily attempts since April 2005 has finally succeeded on her 950th time.  That is scary, she is probably gonna kill someone on the road.

– The biggest meatball and one of the dumbest records has landed in the East Coast.  Matthew Mitnitsky, owner of Nonni’s Italian Eatery in Concord, said Sunday that a 222.5-pound (101-kilogram) meatball was authenticated as the world’s largest after being weighed by state weights and measures officials. Ummm, so what?