Spiderman is Black

First it was the US president now we find out that Spiderman himself might just be a black man and I don’t mean Venom, I mean a real black guy!  This iPhone photo was intercepted by the Canadian government, it seems Spidey himself owns an iPhone and took a picture of himself while he was preparing to put on his mask.

iphone spiderman

Tiny Fortune Teller

It is finally here, for all those folks that can’t get enough mysticism in their lives….a watch that will tell your fortune.  It has a special spot that looks like a half moon that changes color when it is a bad time of the day to make important decisions.

Fortune Teller

Really Gross But…

kinda useful I might add.  This guy had his finger cut off in an accident and decided to embed a USB drive in his prosthetic finger.

gross finger