Scary Face of Terrorism

 terrorist image

In a separate prison interview with The Associated Press, with interrogators nearby, the woman said she was part of a plot in which young women were raped and then sent to her for matronly advice. She said she would try to persuade the victims to become suicide bombers as their only escape from the shame and to reclaim their honor.

The suspect, 50-year-old Samira Ahmed Jassim – who said her code name was “The Mother of Believers” – has given unusual firsthand descriptions of the possible workings behind last year’s spike in attacks by women bombers.  Not so much strange and scary and pretty sick too.  I hope this woman rots in prison for many years.

Weird Presidential Pardon

In 1829, George Wilson and an accomplice received death sentences for murder and robbing mail trains. His accomplice quickly took a trip to the gallows, but Wilson had influential friends in Washington. These friends beseeched Andrew Jackson for leniency on behalf of their friend, and Old Hickory relented. In 1830, he pardoned Wilson for his capital crimes; the mail robber would only have to serve a twenty-year term for his other misdeeds.

It sounds like great news for Wilson, but when authorities presented him with the pardon, Wilson perplexingly refused to accept it.

After much legal back-and-forth, Wilson’s case came before the Supreme Court, which ruled that since the pardon was a bit of property, there was no legal way to force Wilson to accept it. Like his accomplice, Wilson was hanged.  I guess a twenty year prison term is no walk in the park but it sure beats dying?