Toys Today are a Little GROSS!

body parts

No wonder kids today are so messed up.  I found this at my local Walmart.  The severed tongue is my favorite.  But these folks must know what they are doing because my 11 year old was very excited when he saw this and kept telling me to take a picture of it already so he could open it up.

Update:  The severed tongue is really gooey and if you throw it on the wall it sticks!!  All the items smell like paint thinner so I am guessing these will be recalled shortly because little kids will be puking and getting high.  Rush out now to get your own “Body Parts” as I am sure these will be on Ebay for $100 a bag soon!

Get the Poor In-Shape

In a move to improve the health of the poor, a Salvation Army Gateway shelter will soon be glowing with lights using pedal power from old exercise bikes.

The WeloBike project launches Feb. 12 at the Jarvis St. shelter and volunteers are needed to come in and pedal away for at least 30 minutes at a stretch.  That energy will be stored in an attached battery pack and used to light up the rooms.

The initiative makes people aware of the work that goes into electricity production and how more energy efficient LEDs and Tungsten halogens are compared to regular light bulbs.

It also helps people lose a few pounds while they’re at it.   That’s right the poor should work for their money and their electricity.