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In weird baseball news we check in with an aggressive umpire that took a dislike to the entire crowd, ejecting them all! An umpire has emptied the stands at a high school baseball game, ejecting the entire crowd of more than 100 fans for being unruly.
Umpire Don Briggs said he had no problem with any of the student athletes during Thursday’s game between Winfield-Mount Union and West Burlington.
He said he had to take action because fans were being unruly, yelling and arguing. However, West Burlington Superintendent James Sleister said he didn’t see any unusual behavior and said he thought the umpire overreacted.

The game resumed after a 40-minute delay. West Burlington won 12-11. The umpire called police as a precaution. West Burlington police did not immediately respond Saturday to a call seeking comment. It is rumored that the umpire has also hired a personal security detail because of threats he received, one of them was a dead ant being left on his doorstep with a note saying, “you will be crushed like an ant for embarrassing us”.

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  1. Kids’ parents just don’t know how to behave during team sports. Ejecting them was a good thing. Maybe others will hear of this and learn to clean up their acts when they’re cheering on their children, but it will probably have to happen a couple of more times before people finally learn to behave.

    People in general have been getting more and more savage in all ways in the last decade or so; oddly enough, coinciding with a surge in activity from religious entities and institutions, even though people in Western nations seem to be getting less religious. Make of that what you will.

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